Théâtre St-Denis is about to write an exciting new page in its history by integrating itself into the cultural and gastronomic destination that will be known as Espace St-Denis. The multi-purpose integrated entertainment complex will include a French brasserie-style restaurant, a studio-cabaret with a virtual 180-degree environment, a cozy piano-bar-terrace open year-round, an ice cream parlour for the summer season and ultimately the Théâtre St-Denis. The cinema located on Émery Street will eventually be added to the group with a mixed reality experience. 


Espace St-Denis is a multi-purpose entertainment complex, giving visitors a unique experience with a wide range of cultural and gastronomic offerings all brought together under one roof.


Work towards completion of Espace St-Denis is on-going and is divided into different stages. Work is scheduled to be completed by spring, 2024. 


Théâtre St-Denis is about to write a new page in its history by becoming a cultural and gastronomic destination to be known as Espace St-Denis. The multi-purpose integrated entertainment complex will include a French brasserie-style restaurant, a studio-cabaret with a virtual 180-degree environment, a cozy piano-bar-terrace ("Le Marie-Louise") open year-round, an ice cream parlour for the summer season and ultimately the large hall known as Théâtre St-Denis. The cinema located on Émery Street will eventually be added to the group with a mixed reality experience.


The 4 stages of Espace St-Denis:

Stage 1: The first stage of the project saw the construction of an office tower located at the corner of St-Denis Street and de Maisonneuve Boulevard. The building houses the offices of Compagnie France-Film (owner and operator of the Théâtre St-Denis) along with the theater’s management, while two floors are occupied by the administrative services of Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). A French brasserie-style restaurant will occupy the ground floor of the building and is scheduled to open in June, 2022.

Stage 2: The second stage is the complete transformation of St-Denis 2, which was the smaller hall within Théâtre St-Denis. It will be converted into a Studio-Cabaret that can be transformed into endless possibilities thanks to a 180-degree virtual environment. This ultramodern room can also function as a television studio and will include a catering service reserved for certain areas of the floor. The Studio-Cabaret is scheduled to open on June 8, 2022 with My Island, My Heart, created by Les 7 Doigts.  

A piano bar-terrace – Le Marie-Louise – on the lobby’s roof overlooking St-Denis Street will open at the same time as the Studio-Cabaret. Visitors will be able to linger before or after a show in a cozy atmosphere while enjoying delicious tapas, appetizers or items from the grill, all to the sound of live music.

An ice cream parlour will be open during the summer and will be located in the same area as the cloakroom.

Stage 3: This stage targets the Théâtre St-Denis with the redesign of its facade, and a renovation of both the lobby and the large hall itself. The grande dame of the Quartier des spectacles will undergo a complete transformation, all the while respecting its architectural heritage. Ornamental period details, such as the chandeliers of yesteryear and the orchestra pit, will be restored to their past glory. Other renovations include replacing the seats, the creation of more spacious lodges, adding two elevators and access to interior parking. Work is scheduled to begin in May, 2023.

Work on the facade in Stage 2 and Stage 3 is part of the enhancement of the historic Théâtre St-Denis building: A new foyer – doubling in height and completely glassed-in – will provide visual and direct contact with the adjoining outdoor public space. The concept is to give the building a new face while promoting both indoor and outdoor transparency, contributing to the dynamism and revitalization of one of Montreal’s main arteries and thereby increasing its cultural influence.

Stage 4: The fourth stage of the Espace St-Denis project will consist of an overhaul of the cinema complex on Émery Street. The first floor will be completely redeveloped to accommodate a mixed reality experience that will be supported by artificial intelligence and will go by the name Cité Création Montréal. The second floor will retain its cinemas, some of which will be remodeled to make them multifunctional.



Studio Cabaret - set to open June 8, 2022


The Studio Cabaret will occupy the entire space of the former Théâtre 2 of Théâtre St-Denis. A complete transformation is underway that will lead to audacity, modernity and innovation.


Endless metamorphoses will be possible thanks to a virtual 180-degree environment: Spectators will experience an array of sound, visual and virtual possibilities.


In addition, those who wish to can take advantage of a dinner-show package to further enhance their evening.


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This unique technological environment will create productions that go far beyond the limits of the imagination. Equipped with an optical apparatus not commonly used with LED screens, viewers will find themselves at the center of an immersive experience. It will be an entirely new phenomenon. it will be a new way to 

The Studio-Cabaret will be equipped with a central control room and a fiber-optic network for audio and video recordings in multiple areas of the complex, from the restaurant to the Quartier Latin cinema. It will be able to accommodate between 450 and 700 people.

And to complete the experience, patrons can start or finish their evening at Le Marie-Louise piano bar-terrace & grill on the Studio-Cabaret roof which will be open year-round. A cozy atmosphere, live music, grilled food, tapas and appetizers are all on the menu! 




The Studio-Cabaret's inaugural show is now on sale - Get your tickets now!



The renowned circus company will be presenting its very own creation – My Island, My Heart – written and directed by Shana Carroll and featuring no less than ten performers. Truly representative of Les 7 Doigts's style, the show will be a perfect blend of circus acrobatics, theatre, dance and multimedia, maximizing all the features the Studio-Cabaret offers.


Starting June 8, 2022, the public will be able to enjoy the Studio-Cabaret in all its glory along with the Espace St-Denis experience. Inaugurating the Studio-Cabaret wil be none other than Les 7 Doigts with an exclusive show that will be presented as of June 8, 2022.  


My Island, My Heart - Les 7 doigts
Starts June 8, 2022




Additionally, those who wish to do so can take advantage of the new dinner-show option when purchasing their tickets.  


About the show:

What makes one fall in love with a city? What makes one decide to stay, reclaim it as their own, as their home?

In My Island, My Heart, The 7 Fingers uses their signature fusion of acrobatics, theatre, dance and multimedia to tell the story of a foreigner who has relocated to Montreal. Initially following a love interest, that relationship soon disintegrates, and yet the relationship with the city itself continues to flourish, and proves enduring. Our protagonist followed one love but found another: a veritable true love for Montreal itself.

Presented as an immersive circus cabaret, the show celebrates our beloved city in the river-- its pounding, thriving cultural pulse, its intriguing contradictions, its unique beauty. 


Brasserie Française - set to open in May 2022


There is also the brand new Brasserie Française. It will be operated by Mr. Jean Pilote – the former owner of Il Teatro and the Capitole de Québec – in partnership with A5 Hospitality. With its décor inspired by the history of the theatre, this elegant brasserie (whose opening is planned for May, 2022), can welcome up to 150 people. Guests will enjoy feeling as though they are backstage at the theatre, making for a great way to start the evening, or, extending it post-performance. Three reconfigurable private rooms are also available in this very unique space.




Piano Bar-Terrace & Grill Le Marie-Louise - set to open in June, 2022


The Marie-Louise will be opening its doors come June 8, 2022. Along with experiencing a warm welcome in a cozy atmosphere, you’ll be able to enjoy a cocktail with friends while tasting delicious tapas, snacks or items from the grill… all to the sound of inviting live music, perfect for relaxing. Whether before or after the show, you can extend your visit at the Marie-Louise, which will be open year-round. With a capacity of up to 250 people, it will also be an ideal location for interviews, television shows or mini-concerts.

On the lobby's rook overlooking St-Denis Street, a new piano bar-terrace  - Le Marie-Louise - will open at the same time as the Studio-Cabaret.