Assi Hallani & Melhem Zein

Assi Hallani & Melhem Zein

Assi El Hallani (Arabic: عاصي الحلاني‎; born November 28, 1970), is a Lebanese singer. El Helani's musical career started after winning Studio Al Fan, a TV program for young artists, at the age of 17.He has released more than a dozen albums, and his top hits include "Wani Mareq Mareet", "Amshi Lihali", "Mali Saber", "Ahebbak Gedan", "Ahla Al Oyoun", "Shoag El Sahara", "Azabounii" , "Bel Arabi" , "Saalouni" , "Ya Memah" and "Kayed Ozzalak". 


Melhem Hussein Zein first participated in an Amateur Singing Program called Kaas Al Nojoum (The Cup of the Stars) on the Lebanese LBC Channel for singing Mohammed Abd El Wahhab's "Ya Jarat Al Wadi" (The Neighbor of the Valley).

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Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018 - 6 PM