General information

General information

Service Staff (included in rental cost)

- Box office sales
- Ushers
- Basic maintenance service
- One technical advisor

Stage Staff

The tenant takes full responsibility for the entire stage staff. The tenant is held to
make sure of the professionalism and the competence of his technical crew. A list of
various companies that provide stage personnel can be made available to the tenant
upon request. Because of specificity and danger in the handling of the fly, the choice
of the fly man must be approved by the technical supervisor of the St-Denis Theater.

Scenery Set-up and Dress Rehearsals

Stage and dressing rooms are available to the production on show days as of
8 :00AM. However, venue Management and the Technical Supervisor must be
notified at least one week prior to the arrival date with a specific work list schedule.
Management and/or the Technical Supervisor reserve the right to refuse any
extension the work schedule exceeding more than one hour on the presented work
schedule unless given 24 hours notice. This condition is not applicable if and only if
major events create uncontrollable delays, i.e.: electrical shortages, flooding,
important technical failures, accidents, serious transportation delays or any incidents
of the same nature.


The dismantling must be done immediately after the last performance and be
completed not later than four (4) hours after the curtain is closed.


There are many billboards available for advertising inside as well as outside the


Logos are available on our website, under the tab "producer".